Your source for Computer, Printers, Networking, Smart Phones/Tablets and POS repair services.

Our services includes:

Computer repairs and upgrades
Network Installation, troubleshooting and repairs
Point of sale services
Cable installation
CCTV service and repairs


1 year warranty on parts, extended warranty is available.  Labor is only 30 days.

Hourly work rate (per man hour)
                                 Commercial Service Rates            Residential Service Rate
On-site Service
Monta - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm                  $75.00                                            $50.00
5:01pm - 8:59am                  $100.00                                          $75.00
10:00am - 5:00pm               
$100.00                                          $75.00
Sunday & Holidays
12:00am - 4:00pm                $125.00                                          $95.00

Note: Minimum one hour on-site, there after billed in 1/4 hour increment rounding to the nearest forward increment.

Travel Charge

A twenty five dollars for commercial or fifteen dollars for residential, travel fee will be added to work orders or invoice.  Any travel exceeding twenty miles will be billed at the pro-rated amount every increment, all listed prices are subject to change without notice.